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Front-End Web Developer
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Hi there! My name is Mani and I am a self-taught web developer. I create simple, beautiful and clean user interfaces using front-end tools such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery. I have made this website to show my sample project to potential employees and hopefully get a job in the world of web development. Below, you can see some of my skills.

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Front-End Platforms

I really like Bootstrap's ease of use. It is an amazing tool to make beautiful websites fast. I am also proficient with Sass and CSS Grid.


Despite the fact that it can be difficult sometimes, I enjoy what I can make with JavaScript and its frameworks. I am familiar with React as well.


I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD to create user interfaces for web applications. It's a simple yet powerful software.


Look at some of my recent work
My project

Awesome Teachers

Responsive website purely made with HTML and CSS

My project

Budget Management App

Made with JavaScript IIFE Design Pattern

My project

Favourite Movies

Made with JavaScript ES6 classes


Shoot me a message! I will get back to you ASAP.